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Full Version: RSS Feed Poster 1.5
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RSS Feed Poster
Version 1.5

Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.

Allows multiple posting bots
Set Poster Name Or Member Id for the bot
Thread Prefix option
Option to lock topics
Option to enable/disable html in the feed post
Set the update time in minutes
Set how many items to get from the feed
Choose the forum for the feeds.
No duplicate posts. Posts are hashed and stored as a hash.
Runs using MyBB Task

Requires any of the following fopen, curl, fscokopen

Is it done or no?
Testing it now...
Oh ok, cool.
look very nice.
Released enjoy!
Hi friends...
More information (Turkish)

Thanks, @ vbgamer45

[Image: nysbjn.jpg]

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: 1.0
No? Its an attachment to the first post.
Lanuage Strings? Missing

I just added a donation button
languages\english\admin needs to be translated too!
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