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Full Version: Simple Audio Video Embeder
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An auto embed media modification for MyBB that takes links for popular video websites and adds a player directly into the post or mycode area of your website.


Facebook,Metacafe,Vine,Youtube,Vimeo,College Humor,Google Video,Veoh,Youku,,Rutube,Novamov,,LiveLeak,Sevenload,Gametrailers,,Mevio,Crackle,,SchoolTube,MySpace,Mefeedia,,DailyMotion,,Goear,Clipmoon,Stagevu,,Twitvid,Trtube,MegaVideo,BlogTV,VH1,BET,Espn,CNN

iReport,PBS,,TNT,Comedy Central,BlogDumpsVideo,Reuters,


And more
New Update!

+Added support for instagram
+Added support local ogg and local webm media files
!Updated mp4 local to use the video tag instead of quicktime player
+Now support the latest facebook video links 4th edition.
!Fixed regex for local/remote files for common extensions such as .wmv, .avi, .flv etc
+Added support for
!Fixed some xhtml validation issues for some of the embed code for sites/local media.
+Added support for
+Added support for
+Updated Vimeo sharing to use the iframe based code instead of object
+Updated dailymotion embed code thanks to petitchevalroux
+Added https support for
+Added support for
!Updated/fixed url sharing code
+Added support for new facebook video url code
+Youtube embed code now switched to iframe which supports html5
!Fixed bug when editing post in SMF 2.0 link would disappear using the editor.
!Removed since the site no longer works
+Added support for
+Added SoundCloud Support
!Fixed Facebook picture/video emdeding. Also supports https links now
+Added support for Vine videos
+Added support for Seenive videos
where to download from and is there any update for this plugin or what ?
Fixed added it to the first post in this topic.
Thanks Much Smile
I have updated the latest one but Dont know still why FB link is not working bro Sad
Post an example of a link you using
sent it by pm bro.... Thanks.
Yeah that type of link is not supported. It has to be the link on facebook that is being shared.
So how can i post tht type of links??? can u help me please bro ??? Sad
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