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Full Version: Viglink
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Viglink is a new way to monetize your forum.

Your forum members will not even notice that it is being used and is great way to gain income from your forums without having annoying advertisements.

How it works Viglink checks all the links on your page then adds affiliate tracking to them and you will gain credit/income whenever someone makes a sale from visiting those links.

This plugin provides an easy to use system to add Viglink to all themes and includes a couple different ways to enable Viglink
Ho i can use it in my web site ? what is the modification to do to adapt it to my web site
thank you
Just install the plugin to mybb.
is there any more info about the plugin i like to understand more about it
No You can learn more about viglink by visiting their site.
okay is there anyone have real or working newpoint plugin
(05-20-2018, 07:28 PM)olades Wrote: [ -> ]okay is there anyone have real or working newpoint plugin

This thread has nothing to do with Viglink.

FYI, I have an active working Newpoint system running on my website.

Visit my PROFILE to get the website address of my website.