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Full Version: ezGallery Lite
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ezGallery Lite
Latest build 2.1.2
Added fix for 1.8 not showing menu icon was set to jpg instead of png.

!Fixed issue with keyword links searching not working.
Will this gallery plugin continue to be updated and improved?
Minor bug fixes and updates for MyBB new versions.
Otherwise the pro version has the most features
3 feature suggestions for a future update

Multi uploader to upload 3 or 4 images at the same time

Main gallery page latest 20 to 30 uploads with the different galleries under the latest uploads

Gallery stats on the main page of the gallery info you get total images in the gallery and total size for all images uploaded
Some of those are features of the Pro version. Mainly the multibulk uploader.

Here's my problem:

Our forum has moved to another server, before on the old server something went wrong with the update to MyBB 1.8.21, so we had made a complete reinstallation on the new server and then imported the last backup from the working database.
After that most of the plugins had to be reinstalled or activated.
Now to the EZ Gallery Lite:
Latest version is installed.
Before we moved, I downloaded the folder "Gallery" and saved it.
Although there are about 1500 pictures, none are shown and I would have to confirm each one by hand.
how can I solve the problem`?


sorry for my bad english
Under the plugin settings. or main gallery settings.

Make sure the gallery path and gallery url are correct.
I think it's so okay


but despite everything, it's not working right now.
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