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Full Version: Installation question
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I just purchased EZGalleryPro5. I'm not finding any documentation. I've uploaded the ezgallerypro5 directory to the inc/plugins directory on the server, but EZGalleryPro5 is not showing up as an option under Active Plugins. 

I'm new to mybb. Could you please give some directions on installation for the plugin?

All the files are uploaded to the root directory.
So the inc folder, folder,gallery folder, highslide folder are in the main directory of your forum along with all the other files then it should appear under plguins.
Thanks. I've uploaded the ezgallerypro5 directory to the root forum directory, where it is a sibling to admin, archive, cache, image, inc, install, jscripts, and uploads.

It's still not showing up in admin. What next?
When you say ezgallerypro5 directory you mean the whole directory?

You should just upload the folders and files not the main folder for ezgallery pro itself.
It would appear that if I upload the files and directories inside the ezgallerypro5 directory to the root forum gallery that the inc directory in the ezgallerypro5 directory will overwrite the inc directory in the root forum gallery. Doesn't sound like the correct thing to do. More guidance? Sorry for so many questions, but an installation doc would be helpful.

I meant root forum directory, not gallery.
Yes you will need to overwrite those folders which is ok since we are just adding files to those folders. everything should be in the main root folder.
Success. Thanks very much for your quick responses. I really appreciate it!
Glad you have it working!
I'm getting this warning in the admin area of EZGallery:
Warning Gallery path is not writable! /home/qlclass/public_html/forum/gallery/

What is the correct chmod setting for the gallery directory?
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