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Full Version: Menu Manager - 1.0.2
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Menu Manager - 1.0.2

For MyBB 1.4 or higher

Thanks, i just installed this from, it's a good plugin, can't wait to see more.
Glad you enjoy it. Have lots planned. Working on porting my other modifications from other forum systems to MyBB.
Oh that's cool, how many have you made so far?
Have three done for MyBB today. Have about 70+ mods for SMF.
Oh wow, that's alot, glad you found out about mybb, you're going to like it.
Yeah I run for a couple years now just seeing what I can develop for MyBB now.
The menu manager and recent topics are unique mods to MyBB.
Ya they are, will be useful for alot of people and less support threads on putting links in the menu.
They are both great mods and I think many people will find them useful Smile
Woah man this is amazing. Great work.
Can't wait for more!
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