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Full Version: RSS Feed Poster
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Glad to know!
This plugin is awesome I just found it today on mybb site.
I'm gonna try it and post a review about it here.
Thanks alot.
Glad you enjoy it.
Hi there,

always when the RSS Feed Poster tries to post an RSS Feed, I get following error in the log:
RSS Feed Poster: Post Errors:Array ( [0] => Um als Gast einen Beitrag veröffentlichen zu können, müssen Sie beim Absenden unseren <a href="member.php?action=profile&agreement=do" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Nutzungsbedingungen</a> zustimmen! )

In English: You are not allowed to post as guest.

When I do it manually via the task manager it works.

I've already tried to change the user, chage the ID. On the Frontend and DB... nothing helped.

Can you help please?

It looks like due to a plugin that requires agreement.
What shall I say - YOU'RE THE MAN Smile

Thanks so much, the "other" plugin was wrong configured.
Glad to help.
This hack was top on my list. It works great but the post titles have html bits is there a way to strip that?
strip_tags might do it on title/subject if the plugin doesn't do it already.
How would I implement that? I don't mind buying you a coffee
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