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Full Version: RSS Feed Poster
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Modify the file
$msg_title = trim($msg_title);

Change To

$msg_title = strip_tags($msg_title);
$msg_title = trim($msg_title);
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Thanks. You available if other tasks come up?
Yes, I can be most days.
I'm now baffled. It was running but stopped adding threads Mar 4. The tasks logs shows that it ran, though I saw errors form when I set it up. I'm using Google for the rss so I'm sure its not that and it did work.

I've added the last bit from my feed log.
What errors where in the log?
This was one minus the url " Post Errors:Array ( [0] => This forum requires a thread prefix to be set. Please select a valid prefix. )
RSS Feed Poster 5 hours ago"

Now it shows "RSS Feed Poster 2 minutes ago RSS Feed Poster Task Ran"
thread prefix sounds like a third party plugin issue or a mybb setting that you set that requires a prefix on a certain forum.
The RSS Feed Poster mod can't handle it..
Prefix is part of 1.8
More testing
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