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Full Version: RSS Feed Poster
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I have the fix for the subject line now.

Copy to inc/tasks
I'll let you knowSmile
Running the task manually doesn't seem to work 2 of my forums have updated by cron. 2 more to go. The tasks ran no errors

+Added option to choose Icon for RSS Feed post_code
+Added option to choose MyBB prefix for Feed Post if threadfix apples to all forums
!Fixed bug with posts not be posted in the length of the subject was over 85 characters from the feed.
Awesome. Did you also add or should I do it manually?
$msg_title = strip_tags($msg_title);
$msg_title = trim($msg_title);
Forgot about that one. Do that manually for now.
There is a bug with this plugin. When you open page for editing already created Poster Feed, and try to save, error will pop up.
What error message is shown?
So, when you click "Edit Feed", and than want to update it, this error will pop up
Hmm, just did a test on my site didn't get an error. Any clues in the mybb error log?
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