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Full Version: RSS Feed Poster
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Yes, I just discovered what is causing this issue.
So, when you go to edit your RSS Entry and select icon, it will upldate without any problems.
BUT, if you don't select icon (Check empty radio box) it will cause this error.
Hmm are you using the latest version? Tried on my site don't get that issue.
Yes, I am using the latest version. (7.0)
The other specs are:

MySQL Improved (MariaDB)
PHP 7.4
OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

If you have a chance, try at least with the same database and php version, maybe that's the issue
Does it say any details in the mybb error log?

I am running PHP 7.3 at the moment due to other software waiting for 7.4 support.
No mate, nothing in error log. I have no idea why is that happening since I tried this on fresh mybb installation.
Give this a try copy it to inc/plugins/

And post back the output I want to see what happens when you edit
This is the result now after trying to edit Feed.
The only difference now is that it doesn't matter if I select icon for post or not, this will pop up.
Yeah i wanted to see what the SQL looked like..It looks fine so now I have no idea. I think might be another plugin in or something...
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