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Full Version: Missing link for returning back to category and uploading pics issue
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when i had the following:

Category 1 --> Subcategory --> click on a image vor viewing it

The image is displayed and above the path is visible ( Category 1 -> Subcategory)

But i can't click on "Subcategory" for returning to the overview of all pics in "Subcategory". I can only click on "Category 1".

This is odd because sometimes you want to view one pic and then go back to the overview of the current category...

Could this be fixed?

Another thing:

When i am uploading a pic to a gallery and the upload is done, i got redirected to ezgallery -> myusername

This is odd when i want to upload multiple pictures becauseĀ  i had to navigate back to category after every upload... Is there any way to prevent this?

I originally had it to myimages after upload so a user could see if their image was approved or not since categories can require approval

!Sub category link is now clickable when viewing a picture.
!Make sure to delete temp file for some cases when adding/editing a picture
!When adding a picture go back to the category instead of the myimages page
wow that was quick. Thank you!

Where can i download the update? I can see the download forum but no files in it?
Fixed it.
So i tried it out but...

When a picture upload is finished, i now got throwed back to the gallery main overview.

What i meant is - it would be great if i got redirected to the gallery i came from and where i did the upload.


Current behaviour:

Category 1 ---> Subcategory 1 --> Add Picture ---> <Upload Pic> ---> Return to Gallery Main Overview

Expected behaviour:

Category 1 ---> Subcategory 1 --> Add Picture ---> <Upload Pic> ---> Return to Subcategory 1

That would make the most sense in my opinion because like i said before, sometimes you are going to upload 2 or more pics and dont want to navigate back to the category you came from manually.
What add picture function where you using? Normal add picture or bulk add.
I use normal picture add.
Updated download again
I downloaded the package from Post#1 in the download section, but nothing has changed.
Just want to ask if you could fix the download? It seems to be still the previous version
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