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Full Version: Request for help
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Hello to all , 

from last week i am a new user of mybb software , i was with vbulletin !
Today i bought the ez gallery pro and I need some help .

First of all ,

1. I want bigger letters (please see attached ) --->Add picture,mygallery,unviewed and search 

2. I want to translate some words in my language like , title , category , description etc ... how i can do it using utf-8 characters ? 
Under the category , I would like to have also a new sub category textbox 
a.Upload pictures instead upload picture , I would like to have the possibiity to add more pictures (like attached) 

3.Rating pictures instead of rating picture ,every picture must have rating 10 stars instead of 5 stars and one rating that will count the average rating of upload pictures

with 6 ratings 
and 7 rating will counting the average and also the administrator to approve the stars

Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance
Replied in other thread.
Thank you MyBBHacks ,

also let me know if possible.

Upload more pictures than one !

and to add more star system

rating from 1 to 10 stars
rating from 1 to 10 stars
rating from 1 to 10 stars
rating from 1 to 10 stars
rating from 1 to 10 stars
rating from 1 to 10 stars


The average of the above ratings

Also the administrator must approve the ratings
That would be custom job. I am traveling at the moment reach out in about two weeks.
Thank you very much .
I am waiting to tell me if possible. Smile