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Full Version: Image Rating stars
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Hi, how can i get star images to appear in the image rating prompt. Currently just have '*'
Is it possible to remove the 'Discussion Topic: View Topic' from the bottom of the image display.
This seems to be the last two issues to sort out.
I have decided to keep the stats link and the link to you. Such a great product. Eyeing up ezTrader next. Is this your product?
For star rating.
There needs to be a file called star.gif in images folder of mybb. There might be star.png you can save a copy of it as star.gif. I am probably will move it to gallery folder for better support.

For discussion topic remove this code in ezgallery.php in your root mybb folder around line 4987
            // Show Discussion link
            if (!empty($context['gallery_pic']['ID_TOPIC']))
                echo $lang->gallery_txt_dicussion_topic . '<a href="',$mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/showthread.php?tid=' . $context['gallery_pic']['ID_TOPIC'] . '">',$lang->gallery_txt_view_topic,'</a><br />';
It should only be visible though if you enable post to a forum topic on that category enabled.

ezTrader is a free product. I do have a classifieds and store mod. Just not sure if will port them to MyBB need more users to make it worth the time.
Thank you. I'm thrilled to learn that the category icons can be animated gifs.

Big Grin
Yup they can be!