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Full Version: Working Module for ProPortal
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does someone have a working Module for ProPortal to display a random ezGPro image?
Or knows a way to put a random image in an announcement?

I would like to present one (big) random image on entering the site.

Can you enter in php code?
Yes, that will work
Untested but maybe try
global $mybb, $db;

    $groupsdata = $mybb->user['usergroup'];

        $wherestats = "
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users AS m  ON (m.uid = p.ID_MEMBER)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."usergroups AS mg ON (m.usergroup = mg.gid)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."gallery_usersettings AS s ON (s.ID_MEMBER = m.uid)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."gallery_log_mark_view AS v ON (p.ID_PICTURE = v.ID_PICTURE AND v.ID_MEMBER = " . $mybb->user['uid'] . " AND v.user_id_cat = p.USER_ID_CAT)
        LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."gallery_catperm AS c ON (c.id_group IN ($groupsdata) AND c.id_cat = p.id_cat)
        WHERE ((s.private =0 || s.private IS NULL ) AND (s.password = '' || s.password IS NULL ) AND p.USER_ID_CAT !=0 AND p.approved =1)  || (p.approved = 1 AND p.user_id_cat = 0 AND (c.view IS NULL || c.view = 1)) ";

            $result = $db->query("
                p.ID_PICTURE, p.commenttotal, p.totalratings, p.rating, p.filesize,
                p.views, p.thumbfilename, p.title, p.ID_MEMBER, m.username, mg.namestyle,,
                p.description, p.mature, v.ID_PICTURE as unread
            FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."gallery_pic as p

            $wherestats GROUP BY p.ID_PICTURE
             ORDER BY RAND()
            LIMIT 1"

             $context['picture_list'] = array();
                 while($row = $db->fetch_array($result))
                    $context['picture_list'][] = $row;
    foreach ($context['picture_list'] as $row)

            echo '<a href="' . $mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/ezgallery.php?sa=view&id=', $row['ID_PICTURE'], '"><img src="', $mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/gallery/', $row['thumbfilename'], '" alt="" /></a><br />';
Cool - principally working ... now I only have to find a away to fill the width on the "container" the code snippet is in - so the full image resized no the thumb Smile

Nice! You can add p.filename to the sql.
That use that variable instead on the display to show full size image.
Great! Thanks again!