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Full Version: ezTrader Rating System 1.0.2
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ezTrader Rating System
Version 1.0.2

A trader rating system for MyBB. Trader count is displayed under each member's name in a topic. Also trader information is displayed in their profile.

Member's of you forum can rate other members as either a buyer, seller, or a trade deal.

Also includes a a trader approval system for ratings by admin.
Looks great but could use some color. Maybe use the thead and tcat classes to dress it up. See attachment:

Thank you very much for this, it's great =D

Was working fine thanks.

Türkçe halini indirmek..
Updated so it installs on MyBB 1.6
Ok, so I installed this. Works great, however we have not started trading yet and one of my admins got 4500 ratings. These were left by users we don't have. In the EZTrader ACP the users names are linked to other forums and websites (SPAM). Where is the security hole and are you aware about it? If so please fix or you just created a very well hidden spam bot and I'll have to report this plugin to where I originally downloaded it from.

Can you help?
Users or guests?
Where they by the same user?
(09-23-2010, 02:34 PM)MyBBHacks Wrote: [ -> ]Users or guests?
Where they by the same user?

Neither let me get you a screen shot:

[Image: screen-1.jpg]

None of the users listed are members, and guests do not have permission to post a rating, and when you click on the names in the comment field it takes you to another website, any ideas?
Fixed posted a new version
!Corrected an issue with permission checks in various places that allowed people to add feedback even though they were set to deny under permissions.

I just still confused what is the actual purpose of this plugin. can i use it for some buy sell type forum?
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