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Full Version: Recent Topics on Index Page 1.0.2
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Recent Topics on Index Page

Simple but awesome! Thanks!
I surprised this one wasn't a setting in MyBB should be added to default.
Nice, I'd like to see this with a short extract from the post though if possible?
Hi friends...
More information (Turkish)

Thanks, @ vbgamer45

[Image: zn5vnc.jpg]

Turkish Language:[Image: Turkey.GIF]
hi, i want to add post icon infront of topics as well, how can i do that?
t.tid, t.fid, t.subject, t.icon, t.lastposteruid, t.lastposter, t.lastpost,
FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads as t, ".TABLE_PREFIX."forums as f
WHERE f.fid = t.fid AND t.visible = 1 $where_sql
ORDER BY t.lastpost DESC LIMIT " . $mybb->settings['recenttopicslimit']);
while($threadRow = $db->fetch_array($query))
I have added "t.icon" and now i want to display the icon...
Please help
Updated for MyBB 1.6
This is a great plugin.

Any chance you could update so that if your logged out you dont just see the header of the table.
Kinda sucks for guests to see a box with no content.
1.0.1 Important update
Fixes XSS flaw with recent topics.
thanks man Big Grin
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