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Full Version: Who Viewed Topic
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Who Viewed Topic

Version 1.0.1

Adds a link on topic display for forum moderators to view who viewed that topic. Which links to a page that lists all users that viewed the topic along with the time and has paging support.



I installed the plugin but it never worked for me I wonder whyHuh

[Image: jaw0ts.jpg]
Your missing the link there? Looks like it didn't get added to the template
yes, what do I do this for?
The link should only appear for moderators/admin
inc/plugin/whoviewedtopic.php I've uploaded
inc/languages/english/whoviewedtopic.lang.php I've uploaded

end admin panel to activate the plugin, but I did not work.Huh
but I do not see my admin link.Sad
Posted version 1.0.1
Should help uses a better template find and replace that should work better on custom themes.
looks okay to link to the templates to add any code required?
or expected.
Uninstall the old version grab the latest version from this topic.
Thanks, problem solved, in the hands of health
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