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Developer Showcase #6 - Andrej (Technical Director)
05-11-2019, 02:27 PM,
Developer Showcase #6 - Andrej (Technical Director)
Developer Showcase #6 - Andrej (Technical Director)

Hey, everyone! <br><br>It's your girl T with a very special edition of our Wednesday Developer Showcase featuring our one and only <b>Technical Director</b> - <b>Andrej AKA LevaOpaki!</b><br><br><img src="" ><br><i>&quot;So what are you working on right now?&quot; &quot;You know we can't write about most of it.&quot; &quot;Well then what am I supposed to write about?&quot; *a bunch of code monkey gibberish*</i><br><br>Many of you already know Andrej - even though he's a Very Important C-Level Person, you won't have any trouble finding him on any of our social media channels or even on a random streamer's channel just hanging out and chatting people up. He loves chatting, both online and irl, and hardly ever stops, but hey, it's a huge part of his charm!<br><br>Andrej has been in the games industry for a Very Long Timeā„¢ and a programmer for even longer - he started out as an enthusiast with his friends before meeting Pong, our Creative Director, becoming friends with him and co-founding the company you know as Gamepires. His first big project was developing an in-house engine called <b>PranaEngine</b> - from scratch! - used in Gamepires' first game, the award-winning <a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" ><b>Gas Guzzlers Extreme</b></a>, a racing combat game. Fun fact: Gas Guzzlers was made by a team of 7 people including just 3 programmers.<br><br><img src="" ><br><i>Gamepires' core team playing dress-up</i><br><br>The first thing you'll notice about Andrej when you talk to him is that he is a programmer. There will be zero doubt about that. His code is what he knows, loves, eats, breathes, and constantly talks about - anything else is less important. Of course he has other interests, too - he's been a <b>taekwondo</b> instructor at his own club for 20ish years and he LOVES going to raves, but programming is his one true love.<br><br><img src="" ><br><i>Schmitzy is a taekwondo master, too.</i><br><br>At the moment he's working on some supersecret stuff that we can't talk about yet. The reason I'm even mentioning it is because he's worried that people will think he's not working on anything fun if I don't, so he'd like you all to know that he IS in fact working on fun stuff, he just can't say anything because it's a surprise. I would, however, like you all to know that his definition of fun and most people's definition of fun are very different things, so take that with a grain of salt.<br><br>Of the things I am allowed to write about, Andrej spent the most time talking about the <b>weather</b>. You may already know that the weather in SCUM is Andrej's thing in case you saw any of the streams he was on. Right now he's working on implementing seasons into the game. After he's done, hopefully we'll have some or all of these things: different seasons in different climates in different map regions, procedurally generated snow (or rain or fallen leaves) build-up on game assets such as cars and roofs, precipitation dependent on the altitude, and subtler temperature fluctuations. He also said he wants to implement <b>hair and beard growth</b> in a more realistic way, and he has several other interesting <b>graphics features</b> he wants to explore in the future. One of the things he's especially looking forward to is implementing the taekwondo skill, but it won't be done any time soon. Andrej's got his hands full and there's only one of him.<br><br><img src="" ><br><i>Hey, kids, wanna buy some drugs?</i><br><br>I hope you enjoyed meeting our Andrej or learning more about him in case you've already run into him somewhere online. Stay tuned for more updates this week from your fave dev team!<br><br>Toodles!

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