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Developer Showcase #2 - Dini (Lead Programmer)
04-05-2019, 06:26 PM,
Developer Showcase #2 - Dini (Lead Programmer)
Developer Showcase #2 - Dini (Lead Programmer)

Hey, lovelies!<br><br>I hope you liked our <a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" >last week's Developer Showcase</a> where you met Ivona, our 2D artist, and got a chance to see what she's been working on! This week you're meeting <b>Dini</b>, our <b>lead programmer</b>, who I talked to about what he's up to, what's already been done, and what he's planning on doing in the future. <br><br><img src="" ><br><i>Here's Dini wearing his favorite salad-colored shirt and looking like a nice person. If you're sick of the salad jokes, I'm sorry, but you're weak and you wouldn't survive a day in our office.</i><br><br><br>The first thing he said to me was that we already wrote about the car physics before, so he shouldn't have to do anything again and I should just leave him alone to stare at his code, which is like, okay, nerd, but you do that all day long anyway and you need to change it up a bit. I promised you Dini and Dini you will have, so I took one for the team and dragged him out of his lair.<br><br>Some of the <b>new and improved car physics</b> we talked about the last time have already been implemented. The car's center of gravity now shifts depending not only on the number of people sitting in the car, but also depending on the side they're sitting on. The car will also react to the items you put in the trunk. That means you'll be able to see the weight pushing the tires down, but you'll also feel it while driving the car - the more people or stuff you have in the car, the harder the car will be to handle.<br><br><img src="" ><br><img src="" ><br><i>Spot the difference, we'll wait.</i><br><br><br>Next up on his task list is the <b>driving skill</b> and it's going to work something like this: if you suck at driving, you're doomed, basically. Just kidding! It's going to work like this: if your driving skill is low, you'll take longer to accelerate and your top speed will be lower. Your car might even stall or completely stop! After that's done, Dini is going to be reworking the <b>damage system</b>, which we also mentioned before. The way things are now, the car takes the same amount of damage no matter where you damage it. He says he wants to improve the system in a way where the car will react differently depending on the place you shot at - if you shoot at the car's engine, it will take a lot more damage than if you just shoot at a window. If you shoot a tire, it should obviously go flat. If you get a flat tire, you need to be able to fix it, so Dini will make that possible as well. He says that pretty soon you'll have a basic <b>repair system</b> where you'll be able to repair different types of damage with different types of materials.<br><br><img src="" ><br><i>Can he fix the emptiness inside his soul, though?</i><br><br><br>He also wants to introduce <b>claiming and locking the vehicles</b>, as well as lockpicking and hotwiring. The issue with this is that right now we're still reworking the house claiming system and trying to find out what the best way to do that would be, so the whole car claiming system will have to take that into account because it's going to work on the same principle. We're also introducing car <b>fueling</b> and that's gonna be Dini's job as well. And last but not least - proper vehicles need to come with proper <b>vehicle sounds</b>. It seems pretty simple, but if you take into account that different materials make different sounds and think about all the sounds a real car makes, whether it's the wind, or the tires on concrete, grass or sand, you'll soon realize that it's harder than expected.<br><br>That's all for today - I'll talk to you again next Wednesday when we have another Developer Showcase coming out, but make sure to stay tuned on this Friday as well because good things come to those who wait! Please also make sure to tell Dini how much you love his salad in the comments down below!<br><br>Love you! <br><br><br>

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