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ezGallery Pro for MyBB

ezGallery Pro is a photo gallery system for MyBB we have spent many years developing this gallery and is now ready for MyBB.
If you have ezGallery Lite easy upgrade to Pro just uninstall the lite version then install ezGallery Pro and gallery data is updated to ezGallery Pro.

MyBB 1.4 or higher
MySQL 5.0 or higher
GD Library in php installed
EXIF Library in php is needed if exif data is required.

  • Supports unlimited gallery categories and subcategories
  • User Galleries/Personal Gallery supported. User's can create their own mini gallery
  • Member group permissions for the gallery including, add picture, bulk add picture, edit own picture, delete own picture, add comment, edit comment, rate picture, personal gallery, autoapprove picture, autoapprove comments, and manage gallery
  • Rating of pictures from 1 to 5 stars and viewing who rated what
  • Thumbnails, medium sized images supported and you can customize the sizes generated
  • Tracks if pictures have been viewed or not with unread option and able to see who viewed what picture
  • Auto resize pictures to fit max image width, height requirements if you too large
  • Ability to add/edit comments to picture
  • Previous/Next images along with option to include mini thumbnails
  • Category level permissions to set unique permissions per membergroup on a category level
  • Bulk import options including batch import from folder, and bulk uploader
  • Picture tagging support option to add notes to a picture
  • RSS Feeds for gallery categories
  • EXIF data on picture display if enabled
  • Twitter integration to automatically tweet newly uploaded pictures
  • Social sharing options for pictures including Facebook, Twitter, ShareThis
  • File space quota system allows setting the file upload limits per membergroup based on space used
  • Watermarking either with text or by an image
  • Image Linking codes option for display
  • Keywords and Tag Cloud options for gallery
  • Stats are to show the statistics for your gallery
  • Main page blocks to show recent images, most viewed, most commented, and top rated.
  • Option to show related pictures underneath each picture
  • Custom fields are supported on a category level to request additional information
  • Many settings to control the layout and options for the gallery
  • And more!

Order ezGallery Pro for only $50 $39.95
Domain for ezGallery:

The license for ezGallery Pro is for one single forum/instance of the software and comes with one year of updates.
Licenses are non refundable and you must ensure that hosting meets the above requirements.
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Main Gallery View
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Category View
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View Picture
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Admin Settings