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ezTrader - MyBBHacks - 09-06-2015

A trader rating system for MyBB. Trader count is displayed under each member's name in a topic. Also trader information is displayed in their profile.

Member's of you forum can rate other members as either a buyer, seller, or a trade deal.

Also includes a a trader approval system for ratings by admin.

RE: ezTrader - chrisceo - 10-21-2015

How would somebody purchase branding free?

RE: ezTrader - MyBBHacks - 10-21-2015

Send me a pm would be via paypal

RE: ezTrader - silvrav - 10-26-2015


Is there a way to edit a users rating?

We want to convert to eztrdaer but the members do not want to loose their old ratings.

RE: ezTrader - MyBBHacks - 10-27-2015

It would be custom job/work you would need to copy the rating entries into the eztrader database.

RE: ezTrader - MyBBHacks - 04-20-2020

Version 1.5
Security Update
!Add my_post_key to submit feedback/report feedback