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German Lang - uhubottle - 10-29-2018

We need a german language pack for our users. For the lite version there is this availible. Is there a file also for the pro version or another option / possibility?


RE: German Lang - MyBBHacks - 10-29-2018

You could create one. I do not have have german translation for pro the lite translation would be a good start.

RE: German Lang - uhubottle - 10-29-2018

Thanks for the answer.

I will discuss this internally and then come back.


RE: German Lang - jc_denton - 05-07-2020

We have created a German translation for most user-facing messages (excluding some error messages and the Admin-CP) for the Pro version.
You can find the translation file (deutsch_du) attached to this post.

To check out the translation quality and how it feels in use, feel free to visit

RE: German Lang - MyBBHacks - 05-07-2020

Awesome thanks so much. Will be very helpful for our German users