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Image Rating stars - Brendan Boyer - 08-25-2019

Hi, how can i get star images to appear in the image rating prompt. Currently just have '*'
Is it possible to remove the 'Discussion Topic: View Topic' from the bottom of the image display.
This seems to be the last two issues to sort out.
I have decided to keep the stats link and the link to you. Such a great product. Eyeing up ezTrader next. Is this your product?

RE: Image Rating stars - MyBBHacks - 08-26-2019

For star rating.
There needs to be a file called star.gif in images folder of mybb. There might be star.png you can save a copy of it as star.gif. I am probably will move it to gallery folder for better support.

For discussion topic remove this code in ezgallery.php in your root mybb folder around line 4987
            // Show Discussion link
            if (!empty($context['gallery_pic']['ID_TOPIC']))
                echo $lang->gallery_txt_dicussion_topic . '<a href="',$mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/showthread.php?tid=' . $context['gallery_pic']['ID_TOPIC'] . '">',$lang->gallery_txt_view_topic,'</a><br />';
It should only be visible though if you enable post to a forum topic on that category enabled.

ezTrader is a free product. I do have a classifieds and store mod. Just not sure if will port them to MyBB need more users to make it worth the time.

RE: Image Rating stars - Brendan Boyer - 08-26-2019

Thank you. I'm thrilled to learn that the category icons can be animated gifs.

Big Grin

RE: Image Rating stars - MyBBHacks - 08-27-2019

Yup they can be!