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Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 10-31-2020

The software has so far really impressed me, thanks for making this great thing. Two questions.

I have Membergroup-level permissions set for Registered users to add photos, but I am still getting prompted to approve photos that are being added to Member Galleries and public (well, Registered User-only) galleries. I have also seen the same phenomenon with comments. I have one group set to "auto-approve" for comments, but each time a member of that group leaves a comment in a public gallery, I'm getting an email asking me to approve it.

I went ahead and set Category-level permissions for the public galleries, not sure if that is working just yet. But my major questions are as follows:

1) Why don't the permissions contained in the "Membergroup-Level Permissions" area seem to work as it relates to the "auto-approval" settings, or am I misunderstanding what this groupĀ of settings should do, and

2) Are category-level permissions inherited by subcategories?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - MyBBHacks - 10-31-2020

Thanks glad you enjoy the gallery.

1. They should. Can share what setup you have with a screenshot? And I will try to recreate the issue on my end.

2. Not currently, you would need to do each subcategory.

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 10-31-2020

Thanks and sure.

[Image: ezg_config.png]
I am receiving emails to approve "Registered" photos and "Judge" comments (in sum).

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 10-31-2020

I just remembered something from the time when I first did the install. I had a problem, can't remember which setting, where the ACP/ezGallery form had a permission checked, but that permission was not checked at the tabular level. No amount of checking or unchecking in the form changed the table.

I am wondering if that is what is happening now. Here is a snap shot of the tabular level settings:

[Image: ezg_config2.png]

Registered is group 2 and Judges is group 10. From what I am seeing, neither of the "auto" settings is correctly ticked for either of these groups. Registered should be "1" in the "autoapprove" column" and Judge should be "1" in the "autocomment" column, but both are "0." Perhaps you will say the same.

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - MyBBHacks - 10-31-2020

Ok thanks! That will be good hint for me to check for debuging.
Yes, those should be set to 1!

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 10-31-2020

OK that's what I figured. Is there any harm in my going in and setting those at the tabular level? I think I did it with my test installation and sustained no deleterious effects, but I would like to check first.

The permission inheritance setting, I would definitely pay more to have that capability. I expect our users to make as many as 60-100 subcats for each major category and I'd love to be able to change permissions in one fell swoop. Smile

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - MyBBHacks - 10-31-2020

I won't hurt anything and might lead to a quick fix for now.

Yes, that would be a great idea. I have a lot of stuff made with this gallery just have to port it over from other forum systems. Wish I had more MyBB users.

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 10-31-2020

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated. I'll look forward to seeing more goodies in future.

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - MyBBHacks - 11-01-2020

I did some testing today. I couldn't recreate that issue. Can you share any custom category level permissions that you have?

But, did post a new update ported some more features over and bug fixes.

+Added auto rotation based on EXIF settings. If EXIF is enabled.
+Added number of images per page session level setting for all paging areas in the gallery. And option to choice items per page when inside gallery categories
+Improved watermark handling keeping original files.
!Improved category select
!Removed redirect screen for key actions in the gallery system
!Increased Memory limit to 512mb for image processing
!Fixed possible bug in related image generation for some filenames
!Renaming some actions to Media from picture to prepare for video media support
!Drop down search fields in categories are now stay highlighted

RE: Permissions and Approval Questions - elizabeth - 11-01-2020

I did not actually have any category-level permissions set at the time. Hope that helps somehow.

I'll update to the new version. Thanks again!