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Bulk Image?? and video embed? - online0227 - 11-26-2021

Hi, I have few questions..

1st question, Is this possible to post bulk images that will be shown in just one page? 
For example, in it should show many images in that page.
Of course in the image list page, it only shows only 1 thumbnail out of them per post.

2nd question, you mentioned:
!Renaming some actions to Media from picture to prepare for video media support

Does it mean that I will be able to embed youtube or twitch videos along with images and my comments?


RE: Bulk Image?? and video embed? - MyBBHacks - 11-26-2021

Bulk images on page no. In the example that is a single image display page which has comment and picture information.

2. Video uploads/linked media is planned but not currently a picture.