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Permissions and Approval Questions
The software has so far really impressed me, thanks for making this great thing. Two questions.

I have Membergroup-level permissions set for Registered users to add photos, but I am still getting prompted to approve photos that are being added to Member Galleries and public (well, Registered User-only) galleries. I have also seen the same phenomenon with comments. I have one group set to "auto-approve" for comments, but each time a member of that group leaves a comment in a public gallery, I'm getting an email asking me to approve it.

I went ahead and set Category-level permissions for the public galleries, not sure if that is working just yet. But my major questions are as follows:

1) Why don't the permissions contained in the "Membergroup-Level Permissions" area seem to work as it relates to the "auto-approval" settings, or am I misunderstanding what this groupĀ of settings should do, and

2) Are category-level permissions inherited by subcategories?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Permissions and Approval Questions - by elizabeth - 10-31-2020, 07:12 AM

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