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RSS Feed Poster 1.5

I attached the source code. To make it work you have to change the path to "htmlconvert.php" to the correct location. This file is part of a bigger project - a "nntp to forum" gateway. The project is called "Syncom" (Sorry, only in german). The german pirate party is using it to make their mailinglists available via forum as well. I want to release that project as well. But by now some parts are hardcoded.

Like the license in the file tells you are free to use it if you don't use it for a commercial project where you make money with (e.g. by embedding it into a project that you are selling). Just treat it like a file with a GPL license.


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can you provide edits to hide the feed link with "read more" text?

The Plugin is working great except for two things.

1) There is no option to Enable or Disable a Feed URL in ACP.

2) If the plugin do not found new feeds for specified time then it just post the previous feeds again as duplicate threads. (This happen all the time for youtube's Channel feeds)

any help please.
boss can you update this plugin
Thanks for this awesome feature!

What is the right way to add the poster's name? I've read the whole topic and there's some confusion.. Do I use UID? Only the name? Both?

I have been trying to get this tool to work with no success, already have fopen enabled and a couple feeds added. How can I check log errors for this?

nvm now work
How do you make the feed poster to post the full content in the RSS feeds?
the plugin dont work with version 1.6.????
Is there an error?
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No Error, Installations seems to be working - Plugin activated and installed: rssfeedposter - But there is nothing you can click on in ACP

Edit: Sorry there is an Error. Nothing is visible. After installing it, there are no descriptions. Even the configuration Tab is empty

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