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RSS Feed Poster 1.5
It's not updating still, but it still shows the old one in the forum.
(04-27-2012, 07:18 AM)ATCUSA Wrote: It's not updating still, but it still shows the old one in the forum.

Now it is showing new spam feeds that I never assigned. Please help me just get this off my site.
its not working now Sad
Hi. I love this plugin a lot - so much I've even send some little amount via paypal to support it Wink
I have only issue with it so far - it seems to me it skips some articles from time to time - I see it via firefox's rss reader but it is not posted via RSS Feed Poster 1.5 (it may be a rss feed issue though). And I hope if/when a new version is released there will be simple update/upgrade path without the need to uninstall this plugin first (I do not like playing with MySQL and I have a lot feeds configured)

Anyway, thanks a lot.
How do you set up the RSS bot in the settings?
can any one tell me how to make the post full not a part of it , and show the images
(06-23-2010, 11:11 AM)MyBBHacks Wrote: RSS Feed Poster
Version 1.5

Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.

Allows multiple posting bots
Set Poster Name Or Member Id for the bot
Thread Prefix option
Option to lock topics
Option to enable/disable html in the feed post
Set the update time in minutes
Set how many items to get from the feed
Choose the forum for the feeds.
No duplicate posts. Posts are hashed and stored as a hash.
Runs using MyBB Task

Requires any of the following fopen, curl, fscokopen



I was wondering if RSS Feed Poster can be run as an cron job, I saw reference to that on the mybb site but have not been able to get that to work. I am looking at doing it as cron job since the Mybb task scheduler works so unreliably.

Thanks for your response in advance.
Can you tell me how can i get rid of the feed source url which is at the end of the threads.
If you edit the plugin itself you can probably find the part that adds the feed source url
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Did that from the tasks folder file.

Got 1 more problem and can't find the solution. Hope that you will help me with that.

When the rss bot copies from another mybb forum to mine, it makes a simple mistake.
Links in mybb like
are converted to


And the rss bot copies http://www.mybbhack...12
instead of

Can you please help my in rectifying this?
Thanks for your help in advance. Smile
Hope you will Big Grin

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