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Thumbnails will not resize
Hi Again,

I have 4 categories with pictures in.
I changed the thumbnail size in the settings and then regenerated the thumbnails, it worked on the first category but will not changes the others.

The forum is a work in progress...

What settings do you have for thumbnail width/height
And is it just the thumbnails not working? Or the medium sized images don't change either?

And for regenerating are you doing by clicking the regenerate thumbnails link by each category?
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I am using 156x240, its just the thumbnails i have changed, I have gone through and regenerated all categories for thumbnails and the medium sized images
Not sure if its of any use but I have gone through the categories and some of the thumbnails in all categories have been resised but not all of them.
What were the dimensions of some of the images that weren't resized?
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Original 445x540 thumb 129x156 resize worked correctly
Original 446x540 thumb 65x78 resize failed

The two images can be viewed here, top right corner
OK some more info, I deleted all images in a category, reloaded them all and they all re-sized without problem.

The only problem after that was the category thumbnail, I got an error message when trying to set one of the images.
Tried several times but kept getting the same error message.

I then changed the category thumbnail size and it then worked OK.

Not sure if more information is a help or causes more problems,
What was the error message that you got with the category thumbnail?
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Just recreated it and got the same error again:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecopyresamplebicubic() in /home/fhlinux190/r/ on line 2388
Just fixed that error new update posted

!Fixing missing function imagecopyresamplebicubic Which is used in some resizing functions
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