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Fatal Error during batch add
I was batch adding photos to my gallery recently when I received the following error:

Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function updateSettings() in /homepages/forum/inc/ezgallery.lib.php on line 618

It appears I've hit some code that is now preventing me from continuing to add photos to the gallery. Either that or I've done something on my end that is causing issues. Any ideas on the issue would be greatly appreciated.

I checked to see if I can add pictures in individually using the "Add a Picture" option, and I encounter the same error.



After I tried to upload an individual file and hit the above error, I went back to the gallery to look at something else and noticed the image was in the gallery, so I'm not sure what is going on. I'm hitting that error when I try to upload an image and then the image appears in the gallery. Not sure if that information will help or not, but I decided to include it too.
Just posted an update to fix this issue.

!Fixed fatal error calculating new folder id.
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