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Just upgraded
Hey guys,

I uninstalled the free version from the plugin section - then installed all files (unzipped) to the forum root of the pro version and installed plugin.

url is:

Few Issues that Im facing:

1. What templates do I need to edit to change the look of the gallery pages?
2. How can i rename it from ezgallery ?
3. Its possible to show random thumbs on forum home ? or on portal ?
4. I cant see a link to a users gallery in the user cp ? is this an option somewhere?
Really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Thanks Smile
1.Template code is contained in the php files ezgallery.php and ezgalleryuser.php in root directory of the forum.
2. The name of the gallery tab is stored in \inc\languages\english\ezgallery.lang.php and \inc\languages\english\admin\ezgallery.lang.php
3. Would require custom code to show an ezblock
4. Not currently an option but would be a good feature request.
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Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

Other issue I'm having is if a user clicks add picture at main gallery page is says you have to make a category first.

Can it not be set so if a user clicks add picture it defaults to their gallery without them having to click on their gallery etc

To their own user gallery? or a main gallery category?
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To their own user gallery.

There should be admin setting in gallery setting called "Create a Default User Gallery Category" which should automatically setup a usergallery category for them to make it easier.
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I have already checked that box but the issues is the same.

If the user tries to add a picture from anywhere other than the very very specific location of their own gallery which they have to be inside of not at the main page of.

It gives the error:

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
You need to create a category first before you upload a picture.

It looks like I will have to issue complex instructions so users know how to post a pic.

In the free version it just automatically went under there name with none of thse issues.

Id just like it to be nice and easy user clicks gallery link, clicks add picture, picture goes to their gallery. Is this possible ?

Any help sorting this would be great.
I am not seeing that in my testing.

If you click the add picture link in the menu bar.
You will get the option to upload either to a main gallery category or a user gallery category.
Then the user would select the category and click add picture which redirects to the upload page based on either the main gallery category or user gallery category.

The user gallery category should already be made with that default user gallery setting enabled.
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Ive tested as both admin and a test user.

I click gallery - click add picture

ERROR message about categories.

Here is a test account:

user: xxxx
pass: xxx

Click Gallery link, click add picture - see error. Same for admin.

Im not getting the page you describe here coming up:

You will get the option to upload either to a main gallery category or a user gallery category.

I did notice that using your gallery it does, on mine it doesnt.


PS I also had 2 members test this just now and they report same error.
I would check all your galllery permissions in the admin -> gallery permissions area. Make sure all groups have the usergallery permnission except guests.
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