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Simple Audio Video Embeder
Can you post an example?
And are you using the latest plugin and make sure you have all the embed sites checked.
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Sorry, deleted my last post. I'll try again.

Youtube short links ( are not showing for me, I just get empty space where the video would be. 

Running 6.0 and have all the boxes checked.

I saw that there should be another options page somewhere but I don't see it? Is there something wrong with my installation?

Example of one that is not working on my site:

Edit: I don't have these settings:
Do other video sites like normal you tube work?

Link to page not working?
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Yeah, long links work.

This is what I get.

[Image: 3472dc3d875967a351f58e1f5a44bca1.png]
OK, I think I got it. I uninstalled and manually deleted all the files and reinstalled and it seems to be working. I think the old files were not getting overwritten.
Ah that could cause it.
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Fixed xhtml validation for a bunch of video options
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does the new version support tik tok videos and tweeter?
Tiktok should already work.

Twitter no as it requires their api and a developer api due to limits.
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tiktok not working with 6.0.1
unless it needs different link like youtube

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