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Simple Audio Video Embeder
Update 2: I guess this plugin doesn't work at all for mac. Flash player seems to be a huge affect
New release

!Make regex searches less greedy fixes issue with embedding multiple videos for certain video types in a post thanks to shawnb61
+Added support for https for local .ogg and .webm files
!Fixed issue with local embeding of files which might take part of the filename out thanks to shawnb61
!Fixed height issue for some local embeded files thanks to shawnb61
!Fixed unclosed <blockquote> in facebook videos
+Added max,width height support for facebook videos
!Fixed bug with local mp4
!Short youtube use https or http depending on type passed.
+Added support for sendvid
+New facebook version v5 for videos. You must check that option in settings
+Updated jibjab regex
+https support for local media files
+Added check all function to check all media sites to enabled
!Fixed daily motion video urls
+Added support for youtube playlists, imgur and streamable media sites.

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