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Previous Image | Next Image

Is it possible to have the labels for 'Previous Image | Next Image' to appear ABOVE a picture as well as below.
Sometimes the user has to scroll to see the links.

Also, not sure if its just my setup (although I dont tend to edit themes etc.), but there seems to be some white space between the links for Slideshow | UnApprove | Edit' etc and the 'Add Picture | Search'

Screenshot attached.
Can it be moved more in line?


Hope that makes sense.
We can copy the code above the picture as well as an option just requires an edit to ezgallery.php

Second that is the default how the links will appear since they are part of the picture itself. Then the main top links are the main gallery/navigation links.
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OK thanks.
Woudl you be able to show me where I can add the code so the links appear above as well.
Ive had a look through and not sure where I am looking.

Around Line 4729

        // Show the title of the picture
        if ($gallerySettings['gallery_set_img_title'])
            echo '
            <tr class="thead">
                <td align="center">', $context['gallery_pic']['title'], '</td>

Add after
        // Show the previous and next links
        if ($gallerySettings['gallery_set_img_prevnext'])
            echo '
            <tr class="trow2">
            <td align="center"><b>';
            $showSpacer = false;
            if ($previousImage != $context['gallery_pic']['ID_PICTURE'])
                $showSpacer = true;
                echo '<a href="' . $mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/ezgallery.php?sa=prev&id=', $context['gallery_pic']['ID_PICTURE'], '">', $lang->gallery_text_prev, '</a>';
            if ($nextImage != $context['gallery_pic']['ID_PICTURE'])
                if ($showSpacer == true)
                    echo ' | ';
                echo '<a href="' . $mybb->settings['bburl'] . '/ezgallery.php?sa=next&id=', $context['gallery_pic']['ID_PICTURE'], '">', $lang->gallery_text_next, '</a>';
                echo '</b>
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You are an absolute star - much appreciated.

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