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[UnApprove] link broken only for member's gallery
The [UnApprove] link for members gallery is broken, resulting in the following response:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_redirect() in /var/www/html/mybb.test/inc/ezgallery.lib.php on line 91

Note 1: The image is correctly un-approved, it is just the response that is broken.

Note 2: The [UnApprove] link in non-member galleries functions correctly.
Ok easy fix check around for anything else if nothing else. Will post a fix tomorrow. Just surprised no one noticed these approval issues before even myself might be for the newer mybb version.
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I should have mentioned this was for the latest MyBB (1.8.5).

I have a couple of other things I am checking on, so it probably makes sense to hold off on publishing an update till tomorrow.
I haven't managed to find any further admin_redirect() errors apart from the UnApprove link.

Other than the other bugs I have created threads for, and only if you are looking for absolute perfection, the Configuration -> ezGallery -> "Batch Add" tab seems to have lost it's theme, but it's hardly a critical bug.
Fix both for next update.
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