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ezGallery Lite
Copy the broken image url and see if it appears and if matches your url.
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The way I see it, everything seems to be okay, but unfortunately it's not okay. 90% of the images I uploaded back then, still under SMF, then we successfully converted them to the Mybb format. In the meantime we had only used the gallery as an archive, because most of the pictures refer to older threads. And everywhere is the guest and that I have to unlock all pictures individually. If I do that, I need months for it
Do I have to edit something in the SQL database?
Looks like you have to ren generate the thumbnails. Do a backup of your files/db first.

Should not require any sql changes but you said you convertor the gallery from SMF?
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In 2017 we successfully changed the Gallery to Mybb, only since the end of October we moved to another better server. Everything else worked out, only the Gallery resists Smile
I would just try to rebuild thumbnails. The link you sent shows no images in the hot links codes
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