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Twitter New Thread 1.3
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Twitter New Thread
Version 1.3

This plugin will tweet new thread subjects+date+link to

Adds a settings for Twitter Username and Twitter Password in the admin area. Plus settings for url shorting using Bitly!

Now supports OAuth

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Hi friends...
More information (Turkish)

Thanks, @ vbgamer45

[Image: iqak46.jpg]

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: 1.2

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[Image: imza.php]
Persian Language:

.zip (Size: 11.51 KB / Downloads: 1)

More infomation (Persian):


[Image: 1356381539.jpg]
Looks good Jon, I am sure many will find this helpful
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Exactly how it is used?
Would you please help ...
Just enter your twitter login info under settings and when you make a new thread it goes to twitter
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I'm hoping there'll be more to it as you update it. Having just a username/password isn't very customizable. Tongue
Such as? I don't really use Twitter so I don't know much about it
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bug bug bug

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/xxxx/inc/class.twitter.php on line 186
Looks like your host does not support Curl requires that in order to work that is part of twitter class.
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