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Known spammer?
I tried to register today after purchasing the EZGalleryPro5 plugin and was greeted with a message that I'm a known spammer and denied registration. 

What the hell? We've been in business for 13 years, use Sucuri to monitor our site, and are not on any blacklists I'm aware of. I even double checked blacklists tonight and we were completely clean. What list are you checking for known spammers? I'd be very interested to know.

I re-registered with a different email, but I'm NOT a spammer.

It would mean your ip or email address is listed on that is what is used.
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Weird. I checked at and came up with no hits. Not sure why it triggered a denial on your site. I'm relieved to find that I'm actually clean on though.
Not sure we use the built in mybb stopforumspam system
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