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Image titles displaying down page on left margin
I don't know what I did, but all of a sudden every image title in the gallery is displaying in a column down the left margin. I can't see anything checked in Settings > Layout that is causing this. This will be a mess when I have hundreds of images.

What am I doing wrong?   Huh



[Image: gallery-titles.png]
Do you have a link to the page? That this occurs on
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It's in a usergroup that's protected by aMember.

But I found the culprit. I had checked "Show title" under Layout >Category Thumbnail Settings, expecting it to show the title under the image. Instead it made the list down the left side. When I unchecked it the list disappeared.

Possible bug?


It should be under the image hmm
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Fixed in update 5.1.2
!Fixed email links for comments and other notifications
!Fixed showing title on category levele setting showing title twice.
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