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Comment notification email has incomplete url to gallery
I think I'm almost to the bottom of today's issues. I promise I won't be this prolific once we're up and running!  Angel

When a comment is made on an image an email is sent to the person who posted the image, but the url is incomplete. Is there a setting somewhere to add the rest of the file path? I'm not seeing anything besides "Gallery path:" and "Gallery URL:" in Settings > Features.

My gallery path is showing as

The comment path should be:

Example from actual email: 


A new comment has been made on your posted image.

You can see it at

Fixed in update 5.1.2
!Fixed email links for comments and other notifications
!Fixed showing title on category level setting showing title twice.
Dude, you rock.

What's the correct way to do an update? Just download and reinstall all files?
download uninstall old version install new version.
You can overwrite this time but generally prefer the other way
Still a bit of a bug here. There's a disconnect between the two halves of the link.

From the notification email:

A new comment has been made on your posted image.

You can see it at /ezgallery.php?sa=view&id=10#c42
Fixed redownload again.
Works like a charm. Thanks!

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