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Convert SMF-Gallery to EZGallery?

The SMF-Gallery has the same structure as the EZGallery. Since I have now switched from SMF to MyBB, a possibility to convert the cathegories and pictures (about 1500) to the Ezgallery

I thank you in advance
SMF Gallery Lite or Pro to ezGallery Lite or Pro

It can be be possible I don't have a conversion script but can do it manually.
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SMF Gallery Lite to ezGallery lite

Sorry I donĀ“t in moment money to take the pro.

On SMF was installed V. 5.6.1a

Please help me.
Copy the gallery folder from smf gallery to mybb site install
Then you manually will have to run sql queries for each mybb gallery table
INSERT INTO mybb_gallery_pic (columnnameshere) SELECT columnnameshere FROM smf_gallery_pic

And repeat for each mybb gallery table that there is the same smf table.
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First thx

I give the to my technical Admin to try this
am not really sure, but it is possible, that the SMF gallery db is an older version than the current installed plugin of ezGallery in myBB.
i tried to import the old data and get some "table missing" messages... the database structure don't match.

do you have a update script, which works out of smf to update into the new structure ? we got more than 1500 pictures in our gallery.

thanks a lot for your support :-)

greets from Germany
It is not exactly but pretty close.
Some tables may not exist but really you just need to copy over gallery_cat gallery_pic gallery_comments

Are the main ones. I do not have an update script/convertor to mybb
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