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Ezgallery pro white screen
At the gallery location url I got a blank screen.. nothing seems to get it working.

Can I submit for a refund?

Kind regards,
Lets work on this first.
Your path to ezgallery should be

Did you uninstall the old version first?
Then upload and activate the new version?
don't bother made it work, looks nice btw Wink thx for very fast reply!
Glad you have it working.
If I open one of the pictures and click the next picture or previous picture link it first gets me thrue the redirect screen of mybb, how could I bypass that and instead jump right to the next or prev pic?
Posted an update to fix this issue.
Download the latest zip file

The change was made in ezgallery.php file in the mybb root.
Hello, damn that's fast Smile
but where do I download it?
had a look at mybb extend but nothings seems updated over there.
Add your license to

Then that gives you access to the download forums.

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