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Menu Manager - 1.0.2
Using default theme or other?
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im using Default.
Any mods installed that are changing the menu at all? From the default install
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nope.. well i have 6 sites.. on Smoking Forums there is a Game Section.. that added automaticly... otherwise its not working
This sounds promising. Am going to try it out. Currently using apart theme. But looking to get something more customised. Any theme designers out there do get back to me! Site is
Ok, so its installed and activated but I don't see any menu settings. Where should they be? In the main settings configuration?
Ok, I am an idiot. Found it at the bottom of the settings page. Now I need to figure out how to integrate this with my theme.
Just check out the main template for the default theme you should be able to copy that code to custom theme depending on how it is styled.
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I have APART FLAME theme installed. I have added you ,od but can#t get it to show.

Any help?
the newly added menu is not displayed in the forum
I installed it and added a menu but it doesn't show up. Please help.
If you are using a custom them you may have to modify the template to include it.
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