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New image format support .webp
Can you add support for uploading .webp format? MyBB's default img bbcode can handle that format as you can see below.
[Image: 3boats.webp]

It can reduse disk space and bw usage insanly
Looks like it might be possible can you share/upload some examples images.
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accually its possible on here but it says
Please correct the following errors before continuing:

Not a valid picture file.
on my site

it converted webp to bmp in here
Hmm I can't see it. Please attach as an attachment and I will do testing.
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i could not attached it becouse its not a valid attachment format by default to mybb. but you can find a webp image on google search
any news?
Still looking into it.
Downside seems only chrome supports it. Firefox doesn't do anything.
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Yes currently firefox does not support it. But modern browsers eventually will add support. we are talking about google's lol. also currently chrome got 60% percent of market according to w3

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