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Categories and albums
Hi again,

first I want to say, this is a great peace of software!

I have a question to the category-system

I want some categories and in this albums for the photos

for example:
Category 1
-- Album 1
-- Album 2

Category 2
-- Subcategory 1
---- Album 3
---- Album 4
---- etc.
-- Subcategory 2
---- Album 5
---- etc.

In Categories and Subcategories there shouldn't be any pictures, so I locked them with "Lock Category from uploads"

Now the problem

I can see all categories, subcategories, albums if I want to add a picture and I can add pictures

The users can't see any category, subcategories or albums when trying to add picture (but can see my pictures in this) and so they can not add pictures to these
If I unlock category, all works fine, but photos can be added to categories

I tried with Categorie-Permissions for the Album, but nothing changed.

Is it possible to lock category AND add pictures to the included albums?

best regards
If the category is locked you can't add/upload to it at all.
Like what I do? Support me at
thank you again for the fast reply

No Upload to the category AND the included categories/albums? Do I understand this right?
It is really a pity that it is not possible to block the categories for the upload and freely to switch the albums contained therein, which are also categories in the gallery, by the category-permissions

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