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ezGallery 1.0.9
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ezGallery for MyBB is a gallery system for your MyBB forum.

Categories for images
Comment System
Keywords for picture
Picture Approval
Reporting of Picture
User Image galleries
Who is viewing a picture/gallery
Permissions for adding picture, editing own picture, deleting own picture, viewing the gallery, autoapproved for images, and managing the gallery
Settings for max image size and max image width and height
Creates thumbnails automatically for uploaded images
Supports bmp, gif, jpeg, and png images

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.zip (Size: 29.34 KB / Downloads: 87)
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powered by EZGallery Lite?
this means there will be a payed version? Sleepy
Yes there will be.
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same as mybbaddons, i pass
This one is free to use just a simple gallery. If the plugin gets too complex then it goes paid since there would be too many users to support for free.
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How much, then, would paid be? =) I am definitely interested.
Probably similar price to my other one.

Debating what I want to do next planning on doing a standalone version of my gallery and may do integration support with other forums/cms.
And or do I make a full MyBB plugin version too.
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Thanks for this Smile
!Fixed showing membername on approval list for images waiting approval
!Fixed possible mysql error on updating permissions
!Fixed missing error text on fatal error
Like what I do? Support me at
Anyone who have ever used the smf version of this will greatly appreciate it being ported to mybb.
Thank you so much!

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