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ezGallery 1.0.9
User profiles 'in my photo album' that can be added to a url?
Each user can also upload your own albums?
Avatar in the comments section seems the same size. Is reduced the better.
Fantastic plugin Smile
Thanks ^^
new bug found


Gallery Admin Panel
Add Category Settings Permissions
Images waiting approval: 1 Check Image Approval List
Images reported: 0 Check Reported Images

links are broken

when should they be (in my case)
I'm thinking maybe in ezgallery.php, any instance of
PHP Code:
a href="/' . $config['admin_dir'] . '/index.php? 

should be changed to
PHP Code:
a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/' . $config['admin_dir'] . '/index.php? 

Maybe??? Not sure if it would work, but it seems logical.
Yes will fix that.
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!Fixed bug with admin directory path now using mybb url + config
!Fixed missing alt tags on images for better xhtml support.
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Another minor quirk.
On the "who's online" list, if someone is viewing the gallery, it currently lists it as "Viewing is viewing the Gallery"

Quick Fix:
In acp, edit the language variable of ezgallery.lang.php
Look for "gallery_whoonline"
Remove the text "is viewing the gallery"
replace the text with "the gallery"
Bah just updated too will fix for next update. Good find though
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is this a bug?

myadvertisement hook does not work
but in index it does :S
I don't think it is related maybe it is coded to run on the galley page?
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