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ezGallery 1.0.9
what? i didn't get it
Gah I cannot get my head around how to code with PHP. I cant understand why there is a navigation, MyImages and Search, just sitting on the background, Why couldnt it have been float right of the header with ezGallery on the left?

Is there a way you can edit this into the template system within mybb :S? I cannot customise the layout of this gallery atall Sad

Overall gallery categories and layout is mint though.
Not currently using the mybb template so it is all in ezgallert.php
(07-12-2010, 03:29 AM)MyBBHacks Wrote: Not currently using the mybb template so it is all in ezgallert.php

Are you able to just help me out with one thing and help me move
MyImages | Search | to be right aligned on the eZGallery title bar?

Also is it possible to add to the lite version a way for the user to upload from PC or from URL?
Having an automatic image resize would be very handy too for the lite version Sad
I forget how I coded the top nav link I would search for myimages and just change the alignment on the td tag.

Autoresize will be in the pro edition probably another month or two away
When I look at the gallery, I'm not seeing any images. I've checked the file permissions and they're okay.
Are there in images in your gallery folder?

Check that your gallery url and gallery path are correct under settings
Updated so it installs on MyBB 1.6
There are images in the gallery, and the file permissions are okay, but the gallery folder was set to 0700.
Still having an issue? I would double check the gallery path post it here if you can't get it to work

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