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RSS Feed Poster
I don't get errors running the task manually however I do when it runs itself.
Okay so Topic prefix is not the same at thread prefix. Maybe A good thing to add to the next release.
what needs to change?
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Ad the Thread Prefix field but now its working again and I see these errors
RSS Feed Poster: Post Errors:Array ( [0] => The subject is too long. Please enter a subject shorter than 85 characters (currently 92). )
Is this a mybb problem or the feed?
I don't mind buying a coffee but it would be nice if you could choose a thread prefix and a thread icon.
The subject line issue is a MyBB wasn't aware of I can make that change asap with a fix for that.
if($subject_length > 85)
// Subject is too long
$this->set_error('subject_too_long', my_strlen($subject));
return false;
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Remember you're dealing with a dummy where and what file.
I will be making an update to the RSS Feed Poster will look into the icon/prefix to see how hard it is.
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Can I fix the subject length?
I have to say. This is an important hack something I'd pay for.

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