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RSS Feed Poster
Hmm are you using the latest version? Tried on my site don't get that issue.
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Yes, I am using the latest version. (7.0)
The other specs are:

MySQL Improved (MariaDB)
PHP 7.4
OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

If you have a chance, try at least with the same database and php version, maybe that's the issue
Does it say any details in the mybb error log?

I am running PHP 7.3 at the moment due to other software waiting for 7.4 support.
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No mate, nothing in error log. I have no idea why is that happening since I tried this on fresh mybb installation.
Give this a try copy it to inc/plugins/

And post back the output I want to see what happens when you edit

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This is the result now after trying to edit Feed.
The only difference now is that it doesn't matter if I select icon for post or not, this will pop up.
Yeah i wanted to see what the SQL looked like..It looks fine so now I have no idea. I think might be another plugin in or something...
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Is there an update fix for the databse sql error ?

I also get the same issue after I try to activate the plugin,
followed the directions, and also used the trouble shoots here in this thread.
Whats the full sql error you get?
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